2019 Jul, 2

How To Convey Culture Through Job Descriptions

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Why wait until the interview phase to demonstrate your company culture? Most importantly, job descriptions should effectively communicate a job and what it entails. After outlining the essentials of requirements and expectations, job descriptions should also go into as much detail as possible about the company and its culture to attract [...]

2017 Feb, 2

Save Time, How to Avoid Starting the Interview Process Over

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Time management can be the difference between great managers and those who struggle. The hiring process can be a great place to save time, especially for hiring managers who find themselves having to restart the interview process. Not every offer will result in a successful new hire and managers who have an organized [...]

2016 Aug, 29

Why Would Elite Talent Work for Your Company?

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How to Attract Elite Talent!   Our clients spend millions of dollars each year on branding their products or services. Only a fraction of this goes into the brand of being a great employer. Many employers ignore the impact of having something spicy to attract the best people. Elite talent will only entertain [...]

2016 Aug, 11

5 Steps to Make Every Interview Count

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Interview Tips Time is a valuable resource for any hiring manager and time wasted in an unproductive interview is just that – wasted. Following these 5 easy steps to prep before the interview will save time and lead to a better experience for you as well as the prospective new [...]

2014 May, 30

Why do Hiring Manager’s fear the Hiring Process?

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As jobs vacancies are piling up, it is a big question and frustration at Search Solution Group as to why companies are reluctant to pull the trigger on qualified candidates. Many of us have heard the phrase, “ When you fall off the horse, you have to get back on,” whether it was being used [...]