2018 Oct, 31

Enthusiasm: The Most Powerful Tool of Leadership

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In 2009, The Academy of Management Journal published a study of “entrepreneur passion” and the effects it has on the funding decisions of venture capitalists.  The inherent challenge of entrepreneurial endeavors is the reliance on “selling” the vision. However, out of the multitude of factors considered, the most persuasive of entrepreneurs had one [...]

2017 Sep, 25

Long Term Value of Recruiting Leadership to Your Company

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  Defining leadership is not a simple task. People often debate what constitutes leadership but few actually understand the full impact leadership has on a company. Common sense dictates that a business bereft of leadership will eventually stagnate and die, so leadership has unquestioned value for a business. It is a catalyst every company [...]

2017 Sep, 12

The Iron Fist in a Velvet Glove: Giving Negative Feedback

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When it comes to constructive criticism, delivery makes all the difference Bob Lutz, the former GM vice chairperson, eloquently visualizes effective leaders by stating they often take on the appearance of an “iron fist in a velvet glove.” This phrase represents providing a strong approach to criticism but wrapping that approach in [...]

2014 Jul, 15

14 Ways Your Willpower is Affected

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  What drives our decisions? Business Insider composed a list of 14 surprising things that affect our will power and decision-making. According to research by social psychologist Roy Baumeister has found that willpower is like a muscle that can be strengthened or fatigued with use.  Baumeister has also concluded that willpower and decision-making are interconnected. [...]

2014 May, 9

Leadership Lessons from MVP Kevin Durant

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The other day Oklahoma City Thunder forward Kevin Durant won the most prestigious award in the NBA, the Most Valuable Player (MVP) award. Durant won the award based on all his success on the court, beating Michael Jordan’s record for at least scoring 25 points in a consecutive 41 games; however, despite all the fame [...]

2014 Apr, 18

Stand Up and Stand Out

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Professionals who strive for success also wish to be acknowledged for positive influence that they contribute to their respective companies. The question on many of their minds is, “What will it take for others to recognize my potential?" Harvard Business Review collected 50,286 360-degree evaluations preformed over the last five years on 4,158 individual contributors [...]

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