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Advantages of Priority and Contingent-Exclusive Searches

When looking to fill roles for an organization, there are boundless options to consider. Leveraging the services of a headhunting firm can solve most of the uncertainty and most importantly – take the heavy lifting off the client’s hands. With over 20 years of experience, Search Solution Group is a full-service recruiting, staffing, and executive search firm forging the connection between organizations and uniquely qualified candidates. With focused divisions and exposure to nearly every industry, our firm has the experience and extensive talent network to tackle any hiring challenge. However, there are still options to consider. Do you opt for a Priority Search or rather a Contingent-Exclusive Search? If these terms don’t appear as straightforward as you’d like, read further to find more clarity.

Priority Search

This search option is ideal for companies looking to fill industry-specific and high priority positions as quickly and efficiently as possible. With Search Solution Group, you can effectively increase the speed of hire by up to 38% when compared to the industry average fill-rate for Director roles and higher. As a rule, Priority searches will be put ahead of all Contingency model searches on our list of priorities for the search team. Clients are given 3-5 Executive Recruiters, who are subject matter experts in the specific vertical aligned with your search. Your designated Recruiters will reach out to their established network and ask for referrals. From there, our team will complete market research and identify the key players in the industry, as well as your top competitors.

We will present you with the top candidates identified during our search once candidates have been screened, vetted, and sold on the opportunity at hand. Along the way, we will schedule weekly update calls to discuss feedback and keep all parties aligned on the search progress. Our team will coordinate interviews, manage negotiations, and see the process through post-placement. We also conduct regular check-ins with clients and candidates to ensure the placement is successful. With SSG, we make sure that you will never feel alone in the search throughout the entire process.

Contingent-Exclusive Search

If a company has a more flexible time schedule with less urgency to fill vacant positions, a Contingent-Exclusive Search may be a good fit. Known as the standard search for clients looking to make entry to mid-level placements, Contingent-Exclusive searches may not have a raised urgency level,  they remain relevant in certain circumstances.  This option ensures that the agency is not paid until a successful placement has been made and reduces risk to our clients.  Rest assured, our team will use all resources (Database, Headhunting, Referrals, Online Resources, etc.) to locate the best solution. 

Our success rate for this type of search is 12.5% higher than the industry average. Additionally, when compared to non-Exclusive Contingent searches, this type of search will ensure 33% more recruiting hours be dedicated to placing the optimal candidates. A project will be created and managed by our firm  with a specialized recruiter assigned to the search.  The recruiter will work the search daily until it is filled.  This goes beyond sending a couple resumes and moving on. If the position is fillable, SSG will fill it.

Search Solution Group

For decades, Search Solution Group has built a team of expertly trained headhunters, focused divisions, and an overflowing network of top-level talent. Our recruiters have an unmatched ability to consult with clients and candidates alike. Through a rigorous vetting process, SSG provides only the best matches for unique business needs. Search Solution Group has built a proven track record of unparalleled success in order to become the premier choice for talent placement across every industry and job function.

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