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Build a Relationship with a Recruiter Before You Need One

Building relationships with recruiters now is an investment in the process of changing jobs in the future and a buffer against any unforeseen events.  Having a relationship with a recruiter can not only be a safety net for professionals, but it can also become a smart investment for your career.   

Benefits of a Recruiter :

  • Job Search Support
  • Access to more opportunities 
  • Saves time 
  • Expert Advice  
  • Network on a Larger Scale  
  • Recruiters want to place candidates – Mutualism Type of Relationship  

Why Build a Relationship   

Recruiters want to place top-tier talent and proactively connecting with professionals is a proven technique.  It not only builds the recruiters’ network, but it builds the candidates too. You’re able to connect with an individual whose job responsibility is to find optimum talent. The recruiter wants to know your specialized skills, background, and career goals in order to connect you with the best opportunity.   

The Washington Post states that nearly a third of professionals made a career change during the pandemic. According to Zippa The Career Expert, most professionals will make 12 career changes in their lifetime. More than likely, every professional will make a career change. Job seekers who have prior relationships with recruiters will have smoother transitions into their next opportunities. The recruiter will already have insights into their job search.   

Utilizing a recruiter is crucial for the job market in 2022. The combination of Covid-19 hiring trends and the  ”skills gap” can create obstacles in the job hunt. Building a relationship can help prospective candidates find jobs better suited to their skill set. Recruiting is as competitive as the job market is for candidates. The recruiter can be competing against other firms, or coworkers to find the best candidate. The recruiter must use their time effectively to beat the competition – and for that reason, save you time.   

Creating a relationship with a recruiter before you need one is a smart investment for your career by helping personalize and accelerate your job search.   

Search Solution Group  

Since 2002, Search Solution Group has used grit, responsiveness, integrity, and teamwork to provide its clients with top talent. SSG uses its top recruiters and headhunters to place candidates in the industries of Accounting, Finance, Engineering, Human Resources, IT, Marketing, Supply Chain/Manufacturing Management, and Sales & Development. 

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