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Recruiting for the field of benefits has become increasingly difficult due to the field’s low unemployment rate and the constantly-evolving state of the market. More and more organizations are becoming creative in their benefits offerings and in order to remain competitive and attract the best talent, companies must stay current and adapt to the market. When hiring a benefits leader, it is critical to not just look for the appropriate degree and certifications but to seek professionals who are involved and in-touch with the trends of the benefits landscape.

When companies partner with our firm to find a benefits professional, our human resources recruiters first seek to understand the company and what the role entails. In order to find an ideal match for our clients, we narrow the search by finding out specifics such as: if the company is self-insured or utilizes a benefits provider if the benefits provider will be working with pensions, managing 401k accounts, and many other details. Our firm also makes sure that we are clear on the role’s level of responsibility—will the professional be designing new benefits plans or simply managing and administering them?

Emphasizing these key focus areas allows our benefits recruiters to screen only candidates who match the company’s desired skill set and really get to know each candidate’s strengths and weaknesses throughout the recruitment process. This comprehensive, detailed approach results in placements that are an ideal match in skill set and culture, setting the candidate and company up for continued success.  

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Benefits Roles We Recruit For

Benefits Analysts are primarily involved with the hands-on implementation and troubleshooting of all benefits-related issues. They work jointly with other members of the benefits team to ensure the efficiency of processes and understanding among vendors and recipients.

Benefits Managers handle the administration and communication of benefits policies, programs, and procedures. They frequently act as a liaison between the company and external benefit providers to ensure understanding. Benefits Managers also ensure benefit programs are in compliance of state and federal laws and the organization’s policies.

A Director of Benefits develops and implements overall benefits strategy in accordance with the organization’s budget, policies, and operations. This professional is frequently in collaboration with other members of the senior leadership team, including the Director of Compensation and the VP of Total Rewards.

“Search Solution Group has supported my hiring needs across multiple companies.  They take the time to understand the role and their client’s value proposition, then immediately hit the target by bringing a qualified pipeline to our hiring managers.  Strongly recommend.”

Jonathan Turner, VP Talent Management
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