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Tips For Finding Your Next Marketing Role

SSG LOOKS FOR TOP TALENT IN THE FOLLOWING MARKETING AREAS: Creative/Design, Digital, Lead Generation, PR Communication, Marketing Automation, Marketing Inbound, Marketing Media, Product Marketing, and Strategic Marketing. Search Solution Group’s headhunters are different from other recruiters because they understand the nature of the roles and deep dive into a candidate’s level of expertise, experience, industry type, business models, analytics, creative development, and skills needed.


Amid covid, marketing as a career path has exploded. According to the 24| seven’s 2022 Salary Guide, 40% of marketing and creative-based companies have 100 or fewer employees working. In addition, 52% of employees in the profession are millennials, and 44% are stressed more than ever about their work-life balance. The guide ranks their top priorities as a remote and flexible schedule, bereavement leave, and paid maternity seven weeks or more. 

What does this mean for marketing professionals? 

The 24|seven Salary Guideline provides insights into how managers compete with the statistics. For example, 60% received a bonus in 2021, and 80% expect a reward this year. In addition, 25% of managers have already allocated 1 to 3% bonus for their marketing employees. While not all companies can compensate, 70% of managers are looking for ulterior options to make up for the competitive market. 


Employers search for different skills on resumes: hard skills, soft skills, and technical skills. Hard skills are earned by practice through hands-on experience and school. Soft skills are desirable in most professions. 

Zipjob states the top soft skills are communication, problem-solving, time management, organization, and collaborative skills. Zipjob says the top technical skills for the marketing and creative industry are cloud computing, data presentation, search engine optimization (SEO), mobile development, and network security. 


Resumes separate great candidates from good ones, and that is why your resume needs to show why you are a great match for the role. 

  1. Know your target audience.
  2. Define your unique value proposition.
  3. Describe impact, not features.
  4. Determine your messaging strategy.
  5. Don’t overcomplicate things; keep it simple. 
  6. Make sure your resume gets seen. 
  7. Highlight your education intentionally.
  8. Let personality and character shine.

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