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VP of Finance Recruitment: The Key to Finding a Great VP

Leadership is paramount to company success. Putting knowledgeable, responsible, strategic thinkers at the forefront of your company’s growth and development is the best thing you can do. But exceptional management talent doesn’t grow on trees, and it’s harder to come by when you’re looking for leaders from different backgrounds. Without help, you can’t hire for a position like VP of Finance.

At Search Solution Group, we understand the challenges associated with recruiting a VP of Finance — especially if it’s a new role within your organization. We know what it takes to identify someone not only capable of executing the role’s duties, but also ready to contribute to your company’s culture, trajectory, and success.

Don’t take the VP of Finance role lightly

Your new VP of Finance has a tough job ahead of them, regardless of how the company is doing on paper. Whether you’re trying to achieve profitability, growing faster than you can accommodate, or looking to break into new markets, there are significant financial considerations they’ll need to attend. They play a crucial role in an organization’s fiscal stability, overseeing financial planning, reporting, and management.

Often, the company’s success is contingent on successful VP of Finance recruitment: finding someone with the ability to address immediate and long-term financial goals. It’s why so many companies put the onus on executive-level recruiters. There’s no margin for error when it comes to handing over the critical financial operations of a company to someone new.

Identify winning traits in a finance expert

In any search for a VP of Finance, it almost goes without saying top candidates should have a deep understanding of finance, accounting, and reporting. Their technical skills and experience also need to extend to managing budgets, forecasting, and analyzing cross-departmental financial matters. Above all, they need to think strategically about a company’s financial future and make decisions that align with core goals and objectives.

Beyond financial acumen, strong, effective leadership and the ability to adapt to changes are qualities Search Solution Group screens for when helping you find your next VP of Finance. Soft skills in this position are often underrated but nevertheless crucial in translating high-level financial operations to key stakeholders at every level of the organization.

Make an intentioned hire

Why are you engaged in VP of Finance recruitment? It’s a question worth asking before placing a candidate, and it’s one Search Solution Group leads with. We want to know what your expectations are and how you view the position through the lens of your organization’s financial success.

Are you looking for someone who can create and maintain financial stability? Improve free cash flow to bolster in-house R&D? Do you need someone who can support the CEO in assessing and projecting business growth? While it’s true a well-placed VP of Finance will do all this and more, it behooves companies to approach the recruitment process with specific needs and expectations to ensure an ideal hire.

Intention also expedites the VP of Finance recruitment process. Not only does it increase the chances of finding the best candidate for the job; it also conserves time and resources by paring down the talent pool to those whose objectives and outlooks match the characteristics your company values.

Hiring executive-level talent takes vision

In addition to assessing immediate needs, it’s prudent to consider your company’s long-term goals and the kind of leader needed to manifest them from a financial standpoint. It’s easy to say, “We want to grow our bottom line” — but that general answer will attract a general candidate. Coming to the table with something more specific, like “We need a financial expert to help us establish and manage an international business nexus,” begets not only a different set of skills, but also a more refined outlook on the position. 

Working with a company like Search Solution Group for VP of Finance recruitment helps with putting perspective on the position for interested candidates. We work to contextualize the position, your organization, and your goals, to make sure everyone is clear on these matters by the time there’s an offer tendered.

Contact SSG to find your new VP of Finance

Finding a VP of Finance you trust at the helm of your organization is a tall order, and the final selection has long-term ramifications for your success. Don’t undertake the task alone. Instead, put your trust in a team of talent placement experts who understand how to identify not only top-level finance expertise but also transformative leaders.

Start your VP of Finance recruitment search with SSG’s finance recruitment services.

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