Expertise & Methodology

Search Solution Group utilizes a recruitment method that is based on our commitment to responsive, reliable and unmatched results. Since 2002, we take the time to provide our clients with consistently excellent talent that enhances company culture and productivity.

We first dedicate some time to fully research market trends and key factors that are specific to each client. We then meet with our clients to discuss and brainstorm the precise background, skill set and personality that will improve the team. We can also discuss with you broader productivity concepts that you may not have thought of in terms of incorporating new or different skills and responsibilities into an existing position gap to bring your entire company efficiency up a notch.

Then we strategize, revise and finalize a comprehensive action plan based on the parameters and needs set by the client. We use these parameters to identify a selection of potential candidates. Once identified, our recruiters reach out to these candidates in a consultative and respectful manner. We provide clients with the top candidates and work with clients through the candidate selection and hiring process.

Negotiations can be a tricky business. Once you have found the right candidate and have muddled through several back and forths on compensation and benefits, a once bright outlook can become darkened on both sides at the outset. Search Solution Group works to make sure both sides are happy and clear on expectations and compensations so that the new employee and company can start off on the right foot, on day 1.

Each of our recruiters devotes a significant amount of time and energy to stay educated in every industry they place talent. Our recruiters spend the time to align the candidate’s talents, interests and career aspirations with the position requirements and company personality to ensure the right fit.

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