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Top Trends in Human Resources Recruitment

Human resources is one of the crucial pillars of any successful organization. The people who manage your people set the tone for everything, from culture and benefits to organizational structure and employee development pathways. Needless to say, HR is as dynamic as it is crucial, which means the best companies are led by agile human resources teams.

Cultivating a team of professionals who can recognize and adapt to market-moving trends is a critical asset heading into 2023. For many companies, setting the tone for progressive approaches to organization management starts with premier human resources recruitment.

The current state of human resources recruitment

HR drives organizations to success — but only if they can find the right people. Today’s companies need more human resources managers, particularly as veteran employees prepare for retirement. The Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts that HR manager job growth will be 7% annually through 2031, with around 16,300 job openings per year. The average HR manager position requires five years of related work experience and offers a median salary of $126,230. Specialists in the realms of compensation and benefits and of training and development are also in demand.

Unfortunately, one of the largest hurdles recruiters face is finding enough skilled talent to hire for unfilled HR positions. Candidates are seeking higher salaries, more workplace flexibility, and additional opportunities for career growth.

Human resources recruitment trends for 2023

In order for companies to attract HR candidates on the move, they must be in tune with evolving trends in the human resources landscape. As we head into 2023, human resources recruitment efforts should be focused on these prevalent and emerging trends:

  • Evolving HR leadership. Executive-level human resources roles, including the CHRO position, have changed significantly since the pandemic. New responsibilities and cross-sector functionalities have elevated the CHRO role to a C-suite position, requiring a new set of skills and experience. Human resources recruiters must keep these shifts in mind as they search for qualified candidates.
  • Algorithmic HR developments. Advancements in HR technology, including artificial intelligence systems, necessitate a new segment of skills-based hiring. Companies want HR managers and other professionals to be familiar with these systems and may overlook other credentials in favor of particular skills. These technological developments are also changing the way HR departments are structured — potentially replacing existing roles and creating entirely new ones.
  • Hybrid and remote-work culture. The pandemic ignited the drive to give employees more flexibility regarding if or when they come into the office. More candidates expect the ability to choose a hybrid or fully remote environment. HR has taken a prominent role in establishing remote-work policies and reinventing company culture using these new models.
  • Workforce ecosystems. An organization’s team extends beyond its full-time permanent employees. The modern workforce ecosystem includes contractors, gig workers, and external partners who must be managed effectively. HR’s role in creating and managing these ecosystems is expanding to create a more efficient team overall.

Strengthen your human resources recruitment

Strong human resources recruitment sets the stage for organizational success. With the right people on board, you’ll be able to create the right culture and efficiencies. Organizations must invest in the people who take care of their people — and part of that includes evolving with HR trends.

Is your human resources team composed of professionals who understand the dynamic nature of their role in shaping the organization? If the time has come to recruit HR professionals for your growing team, make sure you’re working with a recruiter who understands the pivotal role HR professionals play.

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