payroll accountant recruiters

Payroll Accounting

payroll accountant recruiters

Payroll Accounting

payroll accountant recruiters
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Payroll Accounting Recruitment Firm


The job functions of a payroll accountant are complex—their responsibilities span all things compensation, benefits, withholdings, and more. Finding the right professionals for payroll accounting roles requires the knowledge and experience necessary to accurately place candidates based on the unique needs of the company.

When our firm is contacted to find a qualified payroll accountant, our expert accounting recruiters use a multi-step process. First, they look for individuals with a standard business accounting degree, experience as a payroll clerk or bookkeeper, and a certification through the American Payroll Association. Then, our firm conducts a comprehensive vetting process of candidates to determine the specific details of their work history and ensure an ideal fit for the company.

The responsibilities of a payroll accountant vary depending on the size of the company and the compensation packages offered. When recruiting for payroll accountants, details matter. Should the candidate have experience navigating a specific system such as SAP, Ultipro, or Quickbooks? It’s also essential to understand company details to determine whether the candidate will be processing payroll for just a few employees or thousands of employees across different states. If the company offers bonuses and commissions based on KPIs, they need a payroll accountant with experience managing similar compensation structures. For companies doing any payroll auditing, handling garnishments, or dealing with government-specific contracts, our firm commits to those details in order to headhunt for the right professional with relevant experience.

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Payroll Accounting Roles We Recruit For

A payroll administrator is a person who is responsible for ensuring that all employees within an organization are paid in an accurate and timely fashion. A payroll administrator will generally work with other office personnel, as well as accounting and human resources personnel.

A Director of Payroll directs all aspects of payroll operations. Oversees payroll processes and procedures including taxes and finance demands regarding payroll payments. Designs short-term and long-term strategies for continuous improvement in payroll operations.

Payroll Manager Job Duties: Maintains payroll information by designing systems; directing the collection, calculation, and entering of data. Updates payroll records by reviewing and approving changes in exemptions, insurance coverage, savings deductions, and job titles, and department/ division transfers.

Monitor, manage and reconcile payroll taxes at the employer and employee level. Includes reconciliation to the general ledger as well as to ADP Tax Service reports, preparation, and ensuring compliance.

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