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We are your personal employment growth coach.
At Search Solution Group, we use our networking and industry knowledge to place you with the best companies that will move you forward. We connect you with employers whose open positions have not been announced to the public. The right position for you, whether temporary or permanent, part-time or full time, is out there. We are here to match you with the right position and company culture that will give you the opportunity to best use your skills to work towards your goals. Search Solution Group is not just another recruitment firm, we are your recruitment firm.

We work hard to find you the right jobs to meet your goals.
With so many people searching for a job and career through the same channels, just getting an interview can be a time-consuming and difficult task. Often you waste more time interviewing for positions that aren’t right for you. At SSG, we connect you directly with the company executives recruiting for your skill-set and goals so that you are in front of the right people at the right time. We spend time matching your skills and personality with a position and then help you through negotiations and interviews to ensure a smooth transition.

Let opportunity knock.
Send us your resume, we will brush it up and advise you on how to present yourself in the best light. You need to stand out and say something different about your intelligence, follow-through and passion. We can let you know about trends in the industry you are interested and in what areas to polish your expertise. Even if you aren’t currently looking to change positions, send your resume to us and we can let you know if something better comes along.

seconds is how long a company spends looking at your résumé. We can help your résumé get a second look.
of jobs filled aren’t revealed to the public. We connect you with the top positions you can’t find on your own.
of the US labor force is on the job market. We can help you stand out among other applicants to get the job.
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Employment Advice

Search Solution Group strives to be your employment assistant. We use our knowledge to keep you up-to-date and let you know about industries that you may have never thought of. All of our recruiters spend time researching and writing articles on our blog to inform you on the latest generic and industry-specific trends.

Contract Placement

SSG doesn’t just help people find a job, we help you find a career to suit your needs. We strive to get to know you and your individual needs first and foremost. Whether you know the type of position you are looking for or not, we can help you find the position where you can reach your fullest potential.

Extended Industry Networks

SSG handpicks all of our recruiters based on their experience and industry knowledge. Each of the recruiters spend time developing and maintaining network connections. Our recruiters may be specialized, but they also have similar backgrounds to you, ensuring that they understand the needs and skills of the industry.

Direct Placement

When you work with us, we make you a priority. Our industry-specific team of recruiters provides you with a selection of jobs where you would be an excellent fit. We work to match companies and their open executive positions with the right person.