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Charlotte, North Carolina’s Largest Executive Search Firm

Charlotte, North Carolina, is a busy epicenter for job creation and professional development. From its historical roots as a banking hub to its growing reputation as a destination for health sciences, IT, and tech, companies across numerous industries are laying down roots in Charlotte — and they’re seeking qualified professionals to help them continue growing.

To find and acquire individuals with the right skill set, leading companies are turning to Search Solution Group for support. In fact, we’re proud to be recognized as Charlotte’s largest executive search firm and one of the most reputable talent placement agencies in the state!

Why use Search Solution Group for premier executive search?

Organizations have many options when it comes to executive search solutions, but Search Solution Group consistently appears at the top of their list. Why? Our history and experience in the talent placement industry helps us stand out as a premier recruitment firm.

We’re proud to employ recruiters with deep, industry-specific knowledge across numerous market sectors. Only recruiters with several years of dedicated experience in a given industry rise to hold executive recruitment positions at Search Solution Group, ensuring top-notch expertise and support for clients.

At Search Solution Group, we take a headhunting approach to seek out candidates who are actively working in our clients’ desired roles or industries. Other recruitment firms rely too heavily on posting positions to job boards and waiting for candidates to apply. Our approach yields better results with candidates who are highly qualified to fill the position.

Our industry experience would mean little without a superior hiring process to accompany it. We both streamline and personalize the process through four steps. From scheduling meetings and personalizing your hiring plan to receiving pre-vetted resources and ultimately hiring with confidence, Search Solution Group ensures a positive experience that nets optimal results.

Charlotte is primed for new opportunities

Charlotte is a booming economic hub, making it an ideal place for professionals to land. Organizations in the area need high-level professionals and executives to achieve success.

Established in 2002 with a headquarters in Charlotte, Search Solution Group has developed a strong presence and vast network in the area. Our team leverages this history to offer a more personalized and specialized experience to Charlotte-based companies.

This year, we were ranked #1 on a list of the largest contingency executive search firms in Charlotte. Our 46 local search consultants helped place 452 executives in 2021! More organizations are recognizing the convenience and benefits of working with executive search firms in Charlotte — and Search Solution Group is ready to help.

Expect excellence with Search Solution Group

Our recruiters’ experience, industry knowledge, and dedication have made us the firm of choice for executive search in Charlotte and beyond. Companies frequently retain us for our services, particularly for their highest-value positions.

In 2021, Search Solution Group’s Charlotte office provided 117 retained placements, 32 of whom were C-level placements, landing us the #3 spot among Charlotte’s largest retained and container executive search firms.

There are innumerable benefits of working with a talent placement agency — as long as you choose the right one. Hiring the best-possible talent for high-level positions is a pivotal decision for most companies. To do that, you need to work with a firm experienced in sourcing top-quality candidates.

Search Solution Group is proud of the reputation we’ve cultivated as the largest executive search firm in Charlotte, North Carolina. But much like the exceptional professionals, we work with, we’re not content to rest on our laurels. We constantly strive to deliver the highest caliber of service to ensure the best possible placement of professionals in positions where they’re poised to succeed.

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