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Finding The Best Executive Recruiters

When starting your job search ( or if a recruiter calls you because you are a top candidate) the best type of recruiting or search firm to work with are a team of recruiting specialists looking to work with specialists in their industries. For example, our recruiters at Search Solution Group specialize in placing people in these industries: Manufacturing, Retail Management, Distribution, Restaurant Management, Logistics, Energy, Health Care, Consumer Product Goods, and Hospitality. Within these industries are thousands of specialties ( like Finance or Human Resources) that we’ve placed. There are to be exact, a bajillion recruiters in the world, yet only some have connections, expertise,  and recruiters who are passionate about their jobs like our recruiters at Search Solution Group.

When looking for a great recruiter, take these qualities into account: 

Do They Know Your Industry? 

Say you are a Mechanical Engineer looking to find a new position, it would be important for you to work with a Recruiter who knows the industry and has connections and relationships with engineering firms that employ Mechanical Engineers. For example, Search Solution Group has recruiters who have very strong connections with local, national, and international engineering firms and maintain those connections even when there is no job for them to fill because they know one day soon there might be one open.

Do They Communicate?

You want a recruiter who is always open to talk with you, give you advice, and listen to your concerns. Top recruiters have very demanding schedules, but the important quality to have in a Recruiter is responsiveness. If a recruiter doesn’t return your phone calls, emails, or hides behind a bush when they see you, its time to find yourself working with  Search Solution Group. If there is one thing that our recruiters are excellent at, it is responsiveness. Our recruiters are not afraid to pick up the phone and call you. Following through with a candidate is so imperative that you want to make sure you partner with a recruiter who will value your time.

Is This a Long-Term Relationship? 

The majority of recruiters will collect a large number of OK candidates for a position, and then drop them once they’ve made a placement. The recruiters at Search Solution Group look for a limited number of phenomenal candidates and makes sure to partner with those candidates in the future, whether it means working with you in your new Human Resources position or staying in contact with you in order to find you the perfect position in the future. You want to work with a recruiter who cares about your success as much as they care about their success.

The recruiters at Search Solution Group are a team of dedicated, passionate, and caring people. We do everything to bring success to our clients and candidates. If you are looking to make a career change, contact us, find new job postings, and submit a resume to our website.

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