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Interim & Contract Leadership – The Rise of the Super-Temp

Leadership is critical to an organization’s success. Without leaders, organizations lack direction, vision, and the inspiration teams need to accomplish their company’s mission. While great leaders are often with companies for years at a time, there comes a point when an individual in a leadership role transitions, leaving a new vacancy at the top of a company. Companies are often put in a difficult situation where they have to rush and settle on a person who might not be the best fit for their company or have a  vacancy during the search for a replacement. This is why an interim leader is an ideal solution.

More and more organizations are starting to hire interim leaders for a variety of reasons. An interim leader is a seasoned professional who steps into an organization’s leadership position temporarily. 

Why are companies investing in interim and contractual leaders?

1) Timely Hiring Solution: The person being brought in has the ability to fulfill the requirements of the leadership position while the organization takes time to recruit their new leader, without leaving the leadership position vacant.

2) Stability: Hiring an interim leader provides stability to a department during times of uncertainty.

3) New Knowledge: Interim leaders typically have years of experience in their fields, they can bring their knowledge from past roles to your organization and implement positive change. They bring specific expertise from working with multiple organizations.

For these three reasons, this is why interim management is quickly becoming more popular. 

At Search Solution, we provide clients with extraordinary interim leadership candidates to ensure supported organizational excellence during transitional periods and into the future. If you are ready to find leadership that can meet your immediate needs, reach out to Search Solution today.

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