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When companies reach out to a recruitment firm for help finding an outside sales representative, it isn’t because they do not understand the role. While it has evolved over the years, outside sales has been around since companies began selling their services! Companies hire a recruitment firm because they need to find the BEST outside sales representative to join their organization. Often these professionals are successful in their current roles and not actively searching for opportunities. Because our firm headhunts for talent as opposed to merely recruiting, our expertly trained sales recruiters are able to find the best possible talent to join your company’s sales team. Recruiting for outside sales positions also requires a recruitment firm that has experience placing outside sales representatives in a wide range of industries and capacities. Understanding the details that can make an outside sales professional a successful fit for our clients is the first step in supplying our clients with ideal sales talent. Our firm also takes pride in developing a vast network of talent ranging from skilled technical reps to high profile territory reps who work across the US.

Outside sales representatives pose a unique set of challenges within the realm of talent acquisition. OSR’s must have a blend of ultra-desireable skills including an aptitude to retain and recite a vast encyclopedia of product knowledge, emotional intelligence to identify and cultivate high-value customers, an affinity for organization and logistics to efficiently manage their territory, as well as a strong sense of accountability to the company’s sales targets.

Outside Sales Roles We Recruit For

Account Executives that travel to client’s places of businesses need to have the ability to build relationships and gain prospects’ trust quickly. These reps generally work in one major market and drive to appointments. Because the majority of their time is spent outside the office it is vital that they are self-motivated and communicate effectively.

Outside sales professionals that sell directly to consumers must be extremely professional, organized, and possess the transactional sales ability to close business quickly. B2C sales professionals are often difficult for companies to locate on their won and our recruitment firm has developed a wide network of “road warriors” who have proven track records and have built local relationships for years!

Account Executives are responsible for closing new business, developing proposals, basic forecasting, and meeting sales quoatas. Outside Account Executives are responsible for driving new business, managing accounts, and negotiating contracts. Since these professionals meet at clients locations and spend a portion of their time traveling, it is important that these professionals are self-motivated experts in their field and that they have a high degree of professionalism and organization.

Territory Sales Representatives can be statewide, regional, or national. Companies often find it difficult to locate a territory sales rep that has experience with extensive travel, high dollar negotiations, and the necessary industry experience they need. Our expert recruiters work with some of the nation’s top territory sales reps and can have them interviewing with your company quickly!

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“Their follow thru and reliability is outstanding.  Search Solution Group recruiters surely do not disappoint, nor leave you hanging for answers. They keep their word; stay in touch – before, during, and even after you are in the perfect job!”

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