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Top 5 Benefits of Accounting and Finance Staffing

Accounting and finance positions are notoriously difficult to hire for. It’s not just about finding professionals who know how to balance the books or read a balance sheet — it’s also about understanding the crucial role these professionals play in creating and maintaining fundamental business stability. What’s more, finance is evolving and becoming a more robust concept deeply integrated across operations.

All this is to say that many companies will find themselves needing accounting and finance staffing support in 2023. To fill those open positions with qualified accounting and finance professionals, many organizations are leveraging the expertise of a qualified recruitment firm. Here’s why.

1. Accounting and finance staffing saves money: Push overhead down and drive efficiency up

A good hire in the finance department will pay for themselves by creating financial certainty and stability for the organization. Why not kick off the search for that person from an equally efficient fiscal standpoint? Working with a recruitment firm that specializes in accounting and finance staffing — and has the automations and technologies to source them — sets the tone for a new hire who’s onboarded quickly and affordably.

2. Accounting and finance staffing increases your adaptability: Scale to meet project or cyclical demands

Accounting and finance positions span a broad scope. Do you need a tax accountant? Financial planner and analyst? Payroll specialist? Working with an accounting and finance staffing agency not only gives you access to qualified talent for these positions and others; it also creates flexibility in hiring. Maybe you need only a credit or collections manager for the fourth quarter? Perhaps just an audit accounting specialist prior to M&A activity? No matter your organization’s need, a trusted and reliable accounting and finance staffing agency will conform to meet it.

3. Accounting and finance staffing is easier than hiring: Paperwork, taxes, and payroll — all done for you

Management has immediate needs to focus on, and they need someone who’s ready to jump into the fray and get to work. This is where an accounting and finance staffing agency truly shines. Beyond finding, vetting, and placing candidates, a reputable staffing partner will also assist with general onboarding, including paperwork, taxes, and payroll, so when a new accounting hire officially starts, they’re ready to hit the ground running.

4. Accounting and finance staffing lets you "test drive" new talent or initiatives: Be in the know before you go all in

Did you know that turnover for accounting and finance professionals is up to 20% higher than the national average for other positions? This fact alone makes it all the more important to work with an experienced accounting and finance staffing agency. The ability to “test drive” new employees before hiring them or see how they fit in the position you have available is a great way to mitigate turnover and improve new hire retention.

5. Accounting and finance staffing expedites results: Access broad, skilled, vetted talent — fast

The unemployment rate for qualified accounting and finance professionals is one of the lowest in the country — typically hovering around 1.4%, or about a third of the national average. Great talent is hard to come by, and competition for new hires is fierce. This is why so many organizations turn to an accounting and finance staffing partner to handle finding, vetting, and placing the best of the best — and fast! There’s no time to waste in hiring great accounting and finance talent, and a reputable staffing agency will make sure they’re part of your team, not your competitor’s.

Make the right hire — the right way

Accounting and finance positions are too integral to fill with new hires who aren’t up to the growing expectations that accompany them. Organizations are best served by working with a recruitment firm that understands not only the positions themselves, but also the skills required to succeed in those positions as they become more relevant across the entire scope of the business.

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