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Why it’s Become Vital to Invest in Your Human Resources Team

The unprecedented transformation in our current job market is being referenced with many “greats” added to the title. As in, The Great Resignation, the Great Reassessment, the Great Reshuffle, the Great Attrition, or the Great Attraction. Regardless of the movement’s name, the greatest change in job responsibilities has been in Human Resources, where pandemic-related repercussions have been endured more than any other profession. 


Unsurprisingly, HR has been on the frontlines of COVID-19’s unprecedented pandemic-related responsibilities since day one. They have felt the heat from employee attrition, have been tasked with redesigning talent acquisition tactics, and have also implemented new company benefit packages for employee retention.


Over the past 18 months, Human Resources has been the backbone to aid in the shift to businesses working remote. Meanwhile, they’re also the key player in helping employees through this global health crisis. Their workload has skyrocketed, and burnout has forced some to participate in their own Great Resignation. For the HR professionals that have stayed the course, their 2 biggest challenges remain in employee retention and leading a healthy change to hybrid work environments.


Combining the unimaginable load of responsibilities – from filling a company’s consistently resigned positions and filling them with newly empowered candidates – HR professionals are still dealing with their own wellbeing. Piling on brand new hybrid work options, emergency preparation policies, and the delegation of new program offerings for physical and mental health, pressure is at an all-time high

Yes, HR professionals are certainly feeling anxiety and exhaustion from these external circumstances. However, there is an upside to these profound changes. Human Resource roles have been elevated to critical importance for business success, allowing for massive career opportunities to lead and impact vital operations.


This is where company executives need to invest in true HR talent to prevent the Great Resignation from infiltrating this key department. They also need to place focus on ensuring HR positions are filled with truly adaptable and intelligent talent. 

Acquiring and retaining top Human Resource roles, however, comes with a new set of issues. Additional skills need to be accounted for in this current business climate, such as a stronger understanding towards employee needs and more empathy in approaching sensitive communication.

“We have placed top HR leaders to help our clients adapt and balance this huge shift in the workforce. No one could have been prepared for this pandemic, but companies need strong HR teams with crisis management experience to help recover and rebuild.”

Jeremy Gnozzo, CEO & Founder


For company leaders, the top issues revolve around building and keeping an optimal Human Resources arm to the organization and continuing to recruit and retain top talent for the entire organization.  Both tasks start and end with the Human Resources team and this exacerbates the importance of this critical business discipline.

The time is now when it comes to building and investing in a Human Resources team that can adapt to the post-pandemic shift in the workplace and create a culture and enhanced benefits portfolio that fosters employee retention. 

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