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Talent Acquisition

recruitment for talent acquistion

Talent Acquisition

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Finding the right Talent Acquisition professionals can be tricky—they are experts in the process of recruitment and the strategy behind it. They speak the language, know the game, and are more involved in their own recruitment process that the average candidate. For these reasons, companies come to Search Solution Group when they’re in need of top Talent Acquisition talent.

Talent Acquisition professionals develop the strategy behind an organization’s overall recruitment approach and have a substantial impact on the future of the company. It is their ultimate responsibility to ensure that talent acquisition standards and processes are in alignment with the company’s immediate and long-term goals. On top of the big-picture, strategic mindset desired in a Talent Acquisition professional, each company has a specific set of skills that makes a candidate an ideal fit for the position and company: Should the candidate come from a corporate or agency background? Will the candidate have to build out an Applicant Tracking System? Will the candidate step into an existing team or have to build out a recruiting team?

The major benefit in partnering with a recruitment firm on a Talent Acquisition search is that we know talent acquisition; it’s what we do. With our extensive knowledge of Talent Acquisition, recruitment strategies, and what makes a professional in this field successful, we help companies determine exactly what they need. Search Solution Group’s expert HR recruiters keep these factors in mind while locating Talent Acquisition candidates based on the company’s unique needs. Our recruiters are well-connected to and trusted by the nation’s most qualified Talent Acquisition professionals because our firm is trusted to work on these roles so often.

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Talent Acquisition Roles We Recruit For

A Talent Acquisition Specialist’s day-to-day responsibilities cover the sourcing and screening candidates in alignment with the company’s recruitment policies and standards. These professionals also analyze recruitment processes and collaborate with the Talent Acquisition team to optimize processes.

The Talent Acquisition Manager supervises and directs a team of specialists to ensure that talent acquisition processes maintain efficiency and accuracy. The Manager may also develop talent acquisition standards and initiatives, train employees, maintain records and reports, and more.

Directors of Talent Acquisition are the mind behind the strategy and skills required to ensure that the company hires only the best talent. They may work closely with Talent Acquisition Managers to ensure that the organization’s approach and goals are being met by the hands-on recruitment techniques of the team.

“Search Solution Group has supported my hiring needs across multiple companies.  They take the time to understand the role and their client’s value proposition, then immediately hit the target by bringing a qualified pipeline to our hiring managers.  Strongly recommend.”

Jonathan Turner, VP Talent Management
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