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Total Rewards Recruitment Firm


Total Rewards is a specialized field that merges Compensation, Benefits, and Human Resources Information Systems. Because so few companies need a professional to oversee Total Rewards, there is an extremely limited number of individuals who possess the right balance of skills and experience to fit the position’s needs. At Search Solution Group, our firm has developed an expertise in headhunting Total Rewards professionals that are an ideal match for the needs of our clients—mid-tier companies and Fortune 500 corporations trust our network and process to match them with the highest-quality Total Rewards talent.

When the HR recruiters at Search Solution Group are speaking with candidates for a Total Rewards position, the process is highly behavioral with a focus on the candidates’ previous success because there is no level of schooling or certification that is specific to Total Rewards. Our firm places an emphasis on learning the candidates’ substantial amount of experience working in compensation, benefits, or payroll at organizations that support a large number of employees and a variety of rewards packages. It’s vital that we provide our clients with candidates who are Total Rewards subject matter experts because the landscape is constantly evolving. Headhunting the ideal Total Rewards candidate will enable companies to maintain competitive, strategic, and cost-effective strategies while attracting the best quality talent and improving employee retention and engagement.

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Total Rewards Roles We Recruit For

A Total Rewards Analyst or Total Rewards Specialist works under the Manager or Director to conduct market research and analysis to design and strategize the organization’s rewards approach.

A Director of Total Rewards needs many years of leadership experience in Total Rewards, Compensation, and/or Benefits. It’s vital that these professionals have a track record of success and demonstrated expertise of the Total Rewards market to effectively drive progressive strategy for an organization.

The VP of Total Rewards leads the strategy behind the design, implementation, and administration of compensation and benefits programs across the corporation. This professional is highly involved with senior leadership to ensure that the organization’s Total Rewards approach is in alignment with budget, operations, culture, and more.

“I have been working with the Search Solution Group team for over three years. They have been instrumental in retaining top talent for key positions within our organization – nationwide. I would highly recommend Search Solutions Group.”

Victoria A. LaBelle, Director of Human Resources, Calamar
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