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At Search Solution Group, our team of headhunters has been expertly trained to find the absolute most talented marketing professionals for your company. Our recruiters are ready and able to assist with an assortment of job searches ranging from strategic marketing to lead generation to product marketing. Our dedicated teams of marketing headhunters have experience placing exceptional talent in traditional marketing and the latest digital marketing positions.

The advent of web marketing has driven huge changes in recent years, particularly since smartphones hit the scene. Possibly more so than any other industry, the gap between actual skills and what business leaders believe to be valuable has widened. While the techniques and strategies have evolved dramatically, the job descriptions haven’t always kept pace.

Oftentimes there is a disconnect between the skills that are desired for the position, the skills that are needed for the particular business model, and the ability of a hiring manager to decipher the candidate’s true skill level. As with other technical fields, it can be difficult to interview a candidate whose knowledge and experience may be difficult to understand. Even for those who may have had marketing experience in the past, the constantly evolving digital component of marketing can be almost impossible to keep up with.

The SSG Headhunting Difference

Most recruiters think the important questions to ask candidates deal with traditional and digital expertise, specialist vs generalist backgrounds, and B2B vs B2C experience. This is a good start but only scratches the surface when it comes to finding the ideal candidate. The type of marketing professional that will excel in a particular role also stems from factors like the type of industry, the business model, how the marketing department currently operates, and the level of involvement with other departments the role has. Once a recruiter has uncovered the basics, it is time to determine the exact nature of the role. To illustrate how a few simple questions can lead a headhunter down many different avenues, here is a very basic breakdown of different roles for marketers.

Additionally, one needs to gather information such as the role’s focus on analytics, creative development, and digital proficiency. The marketing recruiter must find out the tools that the marketer is accustomed to using if the role is “cradle to the grave” or focuses on a specific product, is specific or multi-channel, corporate vs location, etc.

These are the hard skills the soft skills like management style and culture fit are also extremely important in these roles. Many companies have had bad experiences with hiring marketers whose personal strengths did not necessarily line up with how the company goes to market or the strategic direction of the company. While a business based on B2C E-commerce sales may need to have a VP of Marketing with a strong digital and lead generation background, a CMO for a large B2B service brand may need a stronger proficiency in data analysis, strategic positioning, and long-term brand development.

Many business leaders struggle to find the right fit for their company and have a hard time even defining the role. When faced with the dilemma of determining which of the talented professionals they interview has the right type of experience for their business, many people find they are comparing apples and oranges.
Search Solution Group’s team of professional headhunters are specifically trained to dissect a client’s business model to find the most effective marketing professional for the job. If you are interested in learning more about our services, please send us a message!

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Marketing Experts

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“My recruiter exemplified Search Solution Group’s exceptional candidate experience.  Their relationship with this dynamic firm begins in the first few minutes with the introductory phone call.  They were engaging, considerate and genuine. My recruiter understood the client’s needs, expectations, culture, and history.  With great style and graciousness, they were forthcoming, professional, a razor-sharp assessor, and establishes realistic expectations right up front to avoid any disappointments later. Their follow thru and reliability is outstanding.  Search Solution Group recruiters surely do not disappoint, nor leave you hanging for answers. They keep their word; stay in touch – before, during, and even after you are in the perfect job!”

Deb Myers, Director of Total Rewards - EZCORP
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Marketing Headhunters for:

Strategic Marketing

  • Brand Strategy
  • Advertising
  • Research – Analytical Data
  • MarCom – Communications / PR
  • Creative / Design
  • Event & Promotion
  • Social Media

Lead Generation

  • Inbound Marketing
  • Channel Marketing
  • Email Marketing
  • Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)
  • Search Engine Marketing
  • Field Marketing
  • Lead Nurturing

Product Marketing

  • Product Marketing
  • Sales Enablement
  • Value Marketing
  • Shopper Marketing
  • Product Management
  • Web Management  / UX
  • ECommerce
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Search Solution Group Successful Marketing Recruitment:

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VP of Communications


North Carolina

Time to Hire: 65 days

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Director of Social Media



Time to Hire: 45 days

full circle logo recruitment

Creative Marketing Manager

Oil and Gas


Time to Hire: 50 days

full circle logo recruitment

Senior Marketing Analyst

Lighting Equipment


Time to Hire: 23 days

full circle logo recruitment

Creative Director


New York

Time to Hire: 57 days

full circle logo recruitment

Lead Generation Director

Ecommerce / Retail


Time to Hire: 49 days

full circle logo recruitment

Product Manager

Components Company


Time to Hire: 29 days

full circle logo recruitment

Director of eCommerce

Consumer Products

North Carolina

Time to Hire: 42 days

full circle logo recruitment

EVP Marketing and Brand Strategy

Auto Manufacturing

New York

Time to Hire: 61 days

full circle logo recruitment

Director of Digital Marketing

Tech Startup

North Carolina

Time to Hire: 47 days

full circle logo recruitment

Marketing Analytics Analyst

Retail / eCommerce


Time to Hire: 60 days

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Inbound Marketing Specialist

Engineering Services


Time to Hire: 58 days

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